Summer Camps

Whether you're looking for week-long programming or a single session, Buffalo Animal Adventures brings the wild to you!  Engaging with the community and creating a wider understanding of the Earth's creatures and their needs is at the very core of our mission.  We provide minimal cost programming to summer camp coordinators in a partnered effort to promote wildlife and conservation needs to our young explorers.

The summer sun is on the way! Bring the WILD to your summer youth program with our Summer Camp options:

BAA 's Summer Series is a bundled set of 1 to 2-hour program sessions that are incorporated into your summer youth program itinerary.

BAA's Week of WILD is a 5-day, day-camp series that keeps the adventures going all day long!  Explorers enjoy 6.5 hours per day of fun and interactive programing including:

- Animal Exhibits

- Hands-on Interactions

- Wildlife Crafts

- Science Experiments

- Guided Nature Hikes

   + More!

BAA's Week of WILD

A $ 7,000.00+ Value

Now offered at


Lunch/Meals or any fees associated with  venue usage are not included


Africa  ∙  Amphibian Life Cycle  ∙  Amphibians Adaptations and Functions  ∙  Animal Adaptations  ∙  Animal Defense Mechanisms  ∙  Australia Asia  ∙  Bees  ∙  Creepy Crawly  ∙  Deforestation  ∙  Desert Ecosystems  ∙  Domestication  ∙  Endangered and Threatened Species and Extinction  ∙  Eurasia  ∙  Food Chains and Food Webs  ∙  Fresh Water Ecosystems  ∙  Genetics  ∙  Grasslands Ecosystem  ∙  Intro to Nature and Wildlife  ∙  Invasive species  ∙  Madagascar  ∙  Mountain Ecosystems  ∙  Nocturnal Species  ∙  North America  ∙  Overpopulation and Use of Resources  ∙  Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Cycle  ∙  Plants  ∙  Pollution  ∙  Predator and Prey Relations  ∙  Rainforest Importance  ∙  Rainforest Tiers  ∙  South America  ∙  Taigi Ecosystems  ∙  Temperate Forests Ecosystems  ∙  Toxins  ∙  Tundra Ecosystems


Before things get wild;

Let's make a plan...


Call us and share your summer youth program vision.  We will help you navigate:

 - Daily Itineraries

 - Daily/Session Learning Objectives

 - Venue logistics

 - Special Requests or Concerns

BAA's Summer Series


                    1-Hour Session     2-Hour Session

  1 Visit             $225.00                  $400.00

  3 Visits           $500.00                  $950.00

  5 Visits           $750.00               $1,400.00

  7 Visits        $1,050.00               $1,800.00

* A $25.00 Travel/Handling Fee is assessed for the usage of larger animals exceeding 60lbs.  Examples include (but are not limited to)
 foxes, pigs, goats, alligators, etc.



"It's a WILD day at BAA! How can we help you!?"