BAA Moves to Williamsville

With the unveiling effects of climate change, one local organization is working to instill a sense of social responsibility to wildlife and the conservation of the natural world. Buffalo Animal Adventures is a local nonprofit organization that seeks to educate and promote awareness of exotic wildlife and the conservation of their natural environments. BAA’s education team consists of ten highly trained and learned animal handlers, whom travel to schools, community centers, senior living communities, and more. “Our educators bring a sampling of our animals to your event location that corresponds to the program being offered. Program topics include South American Rainforest, African Savanna, and Tundra Ecosystems, to name just a few,” explains Anthony Kelly, Associate Director at Buffalo Animal Adventures. Explorers learn the biological aspects of each species, their ecological significance, and the conservation efforts that are in place or needed for their survival. BAA’s clients, who include organizations and individuals, enjoy a fun, informative program where they are able to see and interact with wildlife in a safe and comfortable setting.

“We have seen a tremendous increase in the demand for our programming in 2018,” explains Jeffrey Scharoun, Executive Director. “With our partnerships with some outstanding organizations such as the YMCA, BestSelf Behavior Health, Parker Academy, and the Matt Urban Center; our after-school programs in particular have become very popular.” Scharoun goes on to explain that BAA is also a service provider for Buffalo’s Community Schools initiative and is partnering with many schools for school-day programs as well. “Our education team has aligned our curricula with NYSED standards to ensure we serve as a seamless reinforcement to the lessons being taught in K-12 classrooms all over Western New York.” As science teachers in WNY are feeling the pinches of their budgets to bring new, memorable, and insightful experiences to their students, BAA is so grateful to be called upon to meet this need. “As a nonprofit organization, we have no interest in turning a profit on the educational services we provide. We believe everyone should have the access and opportunity to learn about the natural world and our responsibilities to it.” Scharoun adds that demand for programming at Senior Living Communities, Scouting Groups, Summer Camps, and College Campus Activities are also on the rise.

This Sunday at 2:00pm, Buffalo Animal Adventures will cut ribbons at their grand opening of their new headquarters at 5321 Transit Road in Williamsville. “We want to take a moment of reflection to acknowledge all who have helped to make this new location possible,” says Scharoun. Although the new location will not have any wildlife exhibits open to the public, the facilities will provide many new resources for the husbandry of the 175 different species under BAA’s care. “The new facility, a former animal hospital, meets our needs perfectly in order to provide the best care for our cast of creatures,” says Leigh Ann Abbey, Director of Husbandry. Buffalo Animal Adventures would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the Western New York community for the many gifts of time, talent, and treasure afforded to them since their incorporation in 2014.