Become a Creature of Care

Greetings Western New York:

As we are amidst some trying times, we at Buffalo Animal Adventures would like to wish you good health and wellness. The situation surrounding COVID-19 has already had a devastating financial impact on small nonprofit organizations here in WNY. As an organization that thrives on the togetherness of the many audiences we serve; we would like to ask the WNY community to come together to help support our Creature of Care Fund! As much of our revenue streams rely on contributions from our clients such as school districts, senior living communities, and community centers; the management team is projecting a significant disturbance on our organization's ability to sustain itself now without this critical funding.

At this critical time, we are asking you to become a Creature of Care. We are seeking $5 donations to our Creatures of Care Fund which works toward the nourishment and continued husbandry and care of our collection of over 175 different animal species.

Our mission at BAA is supported by our pillars of common understanding to learn, explore, inspire, enjoy, and engage in the work we do. We are hopeful for the day that we can continue our work, but until then, we remain so appreciative of the WNY community's generosity during this critical time. Donations can be made on our Facebook page or our website. Thank you so much for not only opening your wallet, but for opening up your heart. Stay healthy, WNY!

Jeffrey Scharoun, M.S.

Executive Director