Buffalo Animal Adventures, Inc. | Buffalo, New York | September 18, 2020

Providing fun and informative wildlife education takes a village. Buffalo Animal Adventures seeks the help of the Western New York community in supporting their mission to create positive learning opportunities that explore the vital significance of the world’s living organisms.

With the unveiling effects of the coronavirus pandemic preventing BAA from operating at their traditional programming capacity, Buffalo Animal Adventures is seeking donations from the community during this critical time. “Our in- and after- school programming revenues contribute to a significant portion of our overhead expenses including animal husbandry. With many traditional after school programs on hold for the foreseeable future, we are left with the task of making ends meet as relief funds are quickly depleting,” says Executive Director Jeffrey Scharoun.

Incorporated in 2014, and opening their full operation in 2017, Buffalo Animal Adventures’ affordable wildlife programming has already begun to grow in popularity in several WNY schools, libraries, and community centers. “As a relatively new organization, we saw a tremendous response from the community in the demand for wildlife programming! Our service revenues show an 80% increase from 2018 to 2019 whilst maintaining our commitment to affordable pricing for our clients. As a nonprofit organization, we believe everyone should have the access and opportunity to learn about the natural world and our responsibilities to it, thus we make every effort to ensure affordability poses no hardship to accessing our services. We at BAA instill the public with a charge of responsibility to have an informed and positive relationship with the natural world and all it’s creatures; the idea of pocketing a mark-up from sharing that good news has never sat well with me,” Scharoun explains.

Buffalo Animal Adventures is already underway with seeking additional grant funding to support them during this school year. “At the beginning of the pandemic, we were just establishing our initial grant funding relationships. That effort is still underway, however, the disruption in projected revenues due to the pandemic has been increasingly difficult to bear,” says Scharoun. Buffalo Animal Adventures was able to obtain a PPP Loan back in March, however, Scharoun says that although those funds have helped, they are on the verge of running out.

Buffalo Animal Adventures was founded on the idea of accessibility to informalized science education in schools with limited resources for experiential education. Today, BAA’s education team consists of ten highly trained and learned animal handlers, whom travel to schools, community centers, senior living communities, and more. “For all of our programing, we bring our animal ambassadors to provide our explorers with a hands-on approach to learning the biological aspects of each species, their ecological significance, and the conservation efforts that are in place or needed for their survival,” says Maeve Higgins, Interim Director of Education.

Buffalo Animal Adventures is accepting cash donations on their website at where the community can also shop for gifts to send the animals! With a goal of $10,000 by the end of 2020 to off-set the costs of providing excellent care to their animals; contributions to the Creatures of Care Fundraising Campaign will help ensure BAA’s animals receive the nourishment and enrichment they need for an anticipated strong start to the spring semester. For more information, or to book a virtual or in-person program, Buffalo Animal Adventures can be reached at (716) 913-6034.

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