Gearing Up for a Wild School Year

Buffalo Animal Adventures puts the final touch's on their After School Program

As school bells are ringing and 'back to school' shopping is in full effect, Buffalo Animal Adventures prepares to roll out a new and improved After School Program series for the '19-'20 school year. Like every year at the extinguishing of the last camp fires of the summer, BAA is gearing up for a wild school year.

"We've taken the summer to not only focus on our Summer Camp programming; but to also review and reflect on our After School Programs in an ongoing effort to keep them relevant and cutting-edge," says Anthony Kelly, Associate Director. Some improvements include the addition of more interactive activities, additions to the BAA Cast of Creatures, curricula assessment, and enhanced training for staff. Kelly adds, "Our team has also been working with members of the Buffalo Central School District to ensure our curriculum is closely aligned with district and NYSED standards."

Buffalo Animal Adventures prides itself on raising the bar by not only the improvements to their After School program series, but the number of children they are able to reach each year. "We have had tremendous success with our After School <program> series. Each year the program develops and we increase our outreach. Today, with the help of many key partners, thousands of Western New York's youth get to experience our programs each week," says Jeffrey Scharoun, Executive Director. "It is our partnerships with organizations like the Matt Urban Center, CAO, Best Self Behavior Health, YMCA Erie Niagara, and Parker Academy, that have significantly contributed to the program's success."

BAA's After School Program is not the only service offered during the school year. "We participate with the Buffalo Community Schools initiative for Saturday Academies in addition to several classroom and public library visits. That all operates simultaneous to our senior community programming and special events so the start of the school year can be very busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way," says Scharoun. Although this time of year may be busy, BAA's staff is gearing up.

With all hands on deck at the start of this school year, Buffalo Animal Adventures' staff is excited for back-to-school! "I am so excited to see all the kids again; I look forward to spending time with our explorers every week after school," says Maeve Higgins, Wildlife Educator. And of course, the employees are not the only ones excited for the school year. "I think the animals get excited for After School too," says Higgins.

Buffalo Animal Adventures appears to be ready for school! They are still accepting bookings for After School sites. Interested After School Program Administrators should contact Buffalo Animal Adventures to further discuss your program and needs.